Here comes the end of year 2018,with Christmas and new year.The celebration starts,with cleaning the house,decorating the house on Christmas eve,new year,with cooking varieties of authentic food what our mama and grandma does in our child hood days, have fun by inviting parents and friends.So finally it ends with throwing lots of parties,having get together with family and friends.

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           Hello everyone!!! Here is the page where we are going to take a glance about gaming laptop which is unavoidable in up to date life.Gaming laptops are constantly changing, as new notebook technology, giving a new platform and which increases its performance day by day.

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Apple Latest Announcements (Sep 2018)

Apple Latest Announcements

Highlights from Apple’s new Event.

Tim Cook kicked off the new event of Apple, for 2018. Technically this means, that we got all the insight about Apple’s new and improved gadgets. The speculations for iPhone 2018 began at the end of 2017, just after the famous iPhone X was released. Thus, users knew that 2018 was going to be a big year for Apple, and considering the new event, Apple has made us all restless to get our hands on the new gadgets.

So, let’s have a look at the new devices that Apple has introduced.

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