If you are a”Tech lover”who wants life to be more easier,then you are on right place,with amazing gadgets which simply blow your mind away.With diverse ideas and requirement,new products  are released every year,with smart idea’ we doesn’t know what to settle for.Based on our uses,wide variety of tech gadgets are available.Just take a look. 1.ORA SAIFU_COLDWALLET
  The main objectives  are 1.ASSERSTORAGE. 2.TRANSACTION. 3.RECOVERY. 1.ASSERTSTORAGE. Say goodbye to physical wallets, and hello to the ORA Saifu digital smart wallet that allows you to store  all your cards as crypto currency in one place.It’s the world’s first smart wallet all-in-one place which is easy to use,can stores credit cards and bank accounts in digital form,in a pocket-sized package.It can be charged and can be continuously used for7 days period of time(1-hour).You can store unlimited number of cards.You can simply load the card onto the OraSaifu,then pull it up using the four inch bezeless touchscreen whenever you need that particular card.You can even use it for NFC payments. 2.TRANSACTION If you are a crypto Currency user,you can use the OraSaifu as a cold wallet.Using offline storage and a two-step authentication process,you can use OraSaifu for any of your cryptocurrency transactions.And it’s not just credit cards and crypto currency.ORA Saifu can be used for 1.debit cards. 2. gift cards 3. boarding passes. 4. work badges. 5.membership cards. You can even load a business card and then share that card with other ORA Saifu users. SUPER  SECURE ORA Saifu is also secure. Because you’re not using a USB port, the wallet is completely isolated from the Internet, making it impossible to hack. ORA Saifu also has TEE+SE enabled storage that encrypts the chipboard to guard transaction and data transport and further isolates the operating system, protecting it from malware and hacking.It uses NFC and Dynamic QRcode  technology which is totally  off the can have full control  off your  wallet.It can do  peer to peer transaction any where  you want.Traditional  crpto apps and credit cards are hackable  when stolen .but here ORA saifu  will  erase your  self information  after  5 password fail attempts,and  your  data will never transferred  to wrong  hands. RECOVERY when it is in wrong hand, it has an auto-erase feature that will clear all data after five failed password attempts.We  can  recover wallet information by using backup  called  Bipal- the NFC enabled  backup chip for  ORA sifu.This one tap recovery solution provides an effortless  way to recover your data.For crpto  users the Bipal also replace your mnemonic words in a more secure  and reliable  way.Hurray!   it is a super cool gadget.
BUY HERE     2.Insta dreamer(Bracelet) This Bracelet takes control of your dreams by” Inducing Lucid Dreaming Episodes”.It is soo cool to know  what is it.Come lets have an view what is  it.The InstaDreamer bracelet will take you into a world where you can control your dreams, making absolutely anything possible. InstaDreamer is the first to use Pavlovian conditioning via subtle vibrations to train your brain to recognize when you’re dreaming in order to achieve vivid, lucid dreams.”You’ll feel your arm vibrate inside your dream, which will propel you, instantly, into a lucid dream.It has alaram to wake you up.It analogizes your sleep cycle and wake you up in right you will be  waking  up when you want to with out disturbing  people near to  will be able to know  your sleep  cycle directly on your smart phone.It has triple accuracy  where it measures your body temperature,your movement and your pulse.These three combination provide a unbeatable get this Insta dreamer enjoy and discover the amazing power of instant lucid dreams and much  more.
Samsung  has launched its next smartphone GalaxyS9, which is not going to be no ordinary smartphone. It has a super high processing speed and is thus expected to be faster than the ordinary phones of its kind. It has advanced features  which possess  super speed dual pixel camera, infinity display unit, expandable storage, high internal memory,and fast wireless charging.No need to carry the charging cable with you.Its edge-to-edge immersive screen on the other hand that takes to you great entertainment. BUY HERE AMAZON 4.Huawei MateBook X Pro
Next new release of laptops, that are due for release of this coming year, is the Huawei MateBook X Pro. It is slated to have the world’s first full-view display unit. This is excellent with its ultra slim,light weight come in the form of the immersive 13.9-inch 3K touchscreen.The screen is going to have a screen-to-body ratioof around 91% and is thus going to be clearly legible.In all,it is going to weigh no more 2.93 pounds and measure no more than 0.57 inches thick. Due to the existence of these awesome brilliant specifications, the laptop is going to be great for on-the-go computing and remote applications. BUY HERE 5.Samsung Q9FN QLED
Utilizing the QLED technology  with Proprietary quantum dots the size of an atom make the biggest difference here.This television is going to be a brilliant tv. Its screen, unlike those of most other kinds of television sets, is going to be anti-reflective. This means it is not going to strain the eyes unnecessarily by bouncing back excess light. The television itself is going to exude awesome picture quality that precisely mimics those of real life. Its design and construction is such that it minimizes on space requirement,is simple to mount,and delivers pristine depth and details. BUY HERE 6.Amber Alert GPS The GPS tracker is a device which has the ability to keep accurate track of the whereabouts of an object and display the information concerning its location. The Amber Alert GPS is designed for the typical family in mind.Amber Alert GPS shall allow for one–one communication between the children and their caregivers.This is because it is designed to be easy to engage. The  features are receiving calls,issue e-mail alerts,and transmit precise GPS location information. It also possesses huge safety features which protects both the child and the user  where it tracks the users finally it is easy to engage without any hassels.
BUY  HERE 7.SEGWAY  DRIFT The Segway Drift W1 e-Skates are  made with extremely unique design,Easy to use lightweight,portable.It is designed for maximum comfort and fun filled.It is the perfect product for  personal transportation.The Drift W1 electric e-Skates were specifically designed to be used on hard-flat smooth surfaces free from perceptible projections, lumps,or indentations.The Segway Drift W1 brings all the fun  entertainment on out doors with your family and friends.It is Perfect for the younger generation who  needs to stay outdoor for longer time who dare to stand out and create new trends.
8.MEZMOGLOBE It is kinetic  desk toy,with mesmerizing  table companion,which is playful with kinetic art.Mezmoglobe is a precision machined sphere that creates a full body optical illusion when spun. Simply rotate it to reveal the mind-bending effect of a continuously flowing spherical helix.
Its Blue tooth   device  which  writes almost on every device. Phree is a smart gadget that lets you write,draw,and annotate with a personalized touch and. displays  the result on any input screen.OTM Technologies has created an input device is named as  Phree which has high resolution,and portable smart gadget.Phree can write messages and Emoji’s.
It receives, write and send messages summarize,Take notes,and annotate documents,sketch a drawing and doodle on Photos.Text entry is done  using handwriting,bluetooth it does a fantastic job. BUY HERE 10.IVATION -POTABLE SHOWER
Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower,with  Battery Powered -It has  compact handheld rechargeable camping showerhead – pumps water from bucket into steady,gentle shower stream. OUTDOOR HANDHELD SHOWER – Transforms sink or bucket of water into instant shower stream,It’s water-resistant unit includes one touch On/Off switch• PERFECTLY PLEASING PRESSURE – Showerhead features one simple flow rate for comfortable bathing experience; It  give comfortable gentle bath  for seniors,babies and Pets . SUCTION CUP SUPPORT – Shower-head securely sticks to any flat surface which has   suction cup in it with additional s-style hook provided. BATTERY POWERED CONVENIENCE – It  can  rechargeable through  USB  port  with any devices like Laptop,car adapter or computer. Full charge allows up to 1 hour of continuous use. COMPACT AND PORTABLE -It is  small, discreet system packs easily in luggage,backpack or car trunk; for hiking, camping, Kid bathing and Pet cleaning. BUY HERE

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