LG OLED 65B8 OLED( voice Artificial Intelligence)

LG OLED 65B8 OLED( voice Artificial Intelligence)

Looking for review for LGB8 OLED,here it is Just take a look.

5.Comparing TVs.

LG OLED  65 B8  AI


       The stand is made up of metal where it can withstand its weight. The borders of the LG 65B8 OLED are very thin with: 0.39″ (1.0 cm) and has maximum thickness of 1.93″ (4.9 cm) and have a awesome look..Screen size-it comes in 55 inches and 65 inches with 4 HDMI ,3 USB PORTS,1 ETHERNET, DIGITAL AUDIO A OUT-1 .


1.HDMI (HDCP 2.2)-4 (1 rear, 3 side).

2.Digital Audio Out (Optical)-1 (rear).

3.Ethernet-1 (rear).

4.Audio Return Channel Support (via HDMI)-Yes (HDMI 2).

5.RS232C (Mini Jack)-1 (rear).

6.USB v 2.0-3 (2 rear, 1 side).

7.RF In (Antenna/Cable)-1 (rear).

8.Composite In-1 (rear).

9.Ethernet-1 (rear).

10.Wi-Fi® Built In-Yes (802.11ac).

11.Bluetooth®-Yes (4.2).

12.Wi-Fi Direct-Yes.

13.IP Control-Yes.

14.Simplink (HDMI CEC)-Yes.

15.Tuner -ATSC, Clear QAM.

      The TV does not have an analog audio output. so if you want to connect wireless headphones, you will need a digital to analog converter.



 1.A7 processor improves noise reduction, superior colors.

2.It supports all new HFR ( High Frame Rate),which supports 120 frames per second. Due to over streaming it doesn’t support high gaming activities.

3. Inside the processor chip , we can support the following chip combination.
It can support

4.It cannot support
4k + HDR+ HFR.

So if we need to support for this combination we have to step up to LGC8 OLED TV which has more powerful A9 processor.


       The remote of the LG B8 is excellent. It has voice control which has Google Assistant and Thin Q AI.
The LG can perform several actions using voice. Some of the actions are:

1.Select a song from quora website.
2.Change to HDMI.
3.Open YouTube.
Search Netflix for a holly wood movie “Mommy Reborn”.
Search Netflix for holly wood movie “Running through the darkness”
Also, you can ask the assistant more general questions like “ How is the weather in NEW YORK” .
but you can not control the TV’s settings with your voice, as commands.


       These are some specification that are taken into account when considering picture quality.

1.Improved cable quality-yes.
2.Improved up scaling-likely.
3.Improved Anti-aliasing -yes.
4.Improved Motion -likely.
5.Enhanced sharpness-likely.
6.Better Contrast- likely.
7.Less Noise – Yes.
8.Less Artifacts-likely.
9.Improved Gradients-yes.
10.Improved color- yes.
11.Local dimming-not necessary ( since each pixel can be switched off individually where ever necessary and back light not available.
12.SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness.)- : 353 cd/m² – very good.
13.HDR Real Scene Peak Brightness : 591 cd/m² -decent.
14.Wide viewing angle- 7.8.
15.Reflection – can handle excellent reflection.
16.Perfect deep blacks.
17.Very good picture quality when viewed at an angle.
18.LG OLED TV with AI Thin Q uses the latest panels, with brighter, self-illuminating pixels that truly deliver the Best Picture.

        It can handle excellent motions. when we see fast moving scene in sports channel and play video games, it produces instantaneous response time without any disturbance. Almost no motion blur in sports and video games

BFI- Black frame insertion.
This technology reduces blur and gives a superb picture quality.

         It has low input lag. It can produce perfectly deep blacks due to the emissive technology, and has excellent motion handling with an instantaneous response time.

5. Comparing TVs

         It uses an Alpha 7 processor which is essentially a modified version of the chipset that was designed last year’s LG B7, C7, E7, G7 and W7 OLEDs.

Which shows 65B8 doesn’t feature LG’s most advanced picture processing technologies, the television still manages to pack the latest WRGB OLED panel from LG Display, multi-HDR support for the open-standard HDR10, broadcast-friendly HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), Dolby Vision and Technicolor HDR formats.

It’s also equipped with LG’s WebOS Smart TV platform (dubbed “ThinQ AI” this year) which now has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility.


      So finally with all these features it delivers perfect dark room performance,instantaneous response time and great for gaming and action movie lovers with excellent wide viewing angles.It can produce perfectly deep blacks due to the emissive technology, and has excellent motion handling with an instantaneous response time. LG OLED TV with AI Thin Q® features support for a major high dynamic range formats ,including Dolby Vision™ HDR from the cinema, as well as HDR10 and HLG, both with LG’s advanced tone-mapping technology which provides scene-by-scene optimization in a single frame.

The image also remains accurate when viewed at an angle, which is good for those who have wide seating. So finally it provides excellent picture quality. Due to processing technology vibrant colors bloom and hidden beauty comes true before your eyes.


1.Gallery modeIAMGE

Bring the wonders of the world to your space with Gallery Mode.

Breathtaking photos are updated seasonally as we wish and are accompanied by music. Just say the word for seasonal beauty. Gallery Mode provides a great selection of beautiful images from across the world . Stunning picture accompanied by wonderful music creates a perfect atmosphere that suits our mood in a smooth environment as we wish. This can be done by voice control. ”

1. show a spring scenery full of flowers”

spring view

2. Bring scenery with snow

snow scenary


1.Google Assistant.
          We are able to control other devices using voice as your input in the LG remote. Here we can control all LG devices . Also we can control any other third party device which
can be integrated with LG’s platform.

2.Thin Q Artificial intelligence
1.AI Thin Q®-Yes.
2.Google Assistant-Yes.
3.Google Home Compatible-Yes(Google Home device sold separately).
4. Amazon Alexa Compatible-Yes. (Amazon Alexa device sold separately).
5.Intelligent Voice Recognition-yes.


1.Operating System webOS.
2.Magic Remote Control-Included.
3.Universal Control Capability-Yes.
4.Gallery Mode-Yes.
5.LG Content Store (App Store)-Yes.
6.Full Web Browser-Yes.
7.Channel Plus-Yes.
8.Smart Home hub.


1.Speaker System-2.2 Channel.
2.Output Power-40W (WF: 20W).
3.Dolby Atmos-Yes.
4.DTS Decoder-DTS-HD.
5.Bluetooth Audio Playback-Yes.
6.LG Sound Sync-Yes.

Dolby atmos

        The LG OLED B8 has an above-average sound quality. It gets decent sound quality delivers clear dialogue.Next comes the frequency where the response is decent and distortion performance is above average.It provides cinematic sound systems at home.Dolby Atmos transports you with moving audio : crickets chirping all around you when you get scene related to that, a monster roaring from behind , or a plane soaring overhead. Dolby Atmos content creates a more detailed and sharp sound experience that appears to come from everywhere for a wonderfully realistic, immersive experience.


1.Temporary image retention.
2.Permanent burn -in.
3.There is chance of permanent burn when there is prolonged display of static images.
4.Chance of vertical streaks in dark lines.
5.Like full-array of local dimming LCD TV, it does not produce impactful HDR images.
6.Also experience glare in bright room conditions.

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